• Truth about Tithing
    For generations Christian pastors in America have terrorized their congregations with threats of ruined finances and curses unless they pay a ten percent tax to the church known as a tithe. Learn the Truth about tithing today and be set free. You will never need to be afraid again. 
    Truth about Tithing
  • Why we Keep the Feasts
    There is nothing like a good party but a party is only as good as its host. Learn to recognize the difference between those feasts ordained by Yahweh and those ordained by satan. Qedosh brethren, there are times to feast and there are times to fast. There are things to feast upon and there is that which should not be feasted upon. There is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven.
  • Why we Eat Food
    There is that which is food and that which is not food. And so it has been from the beginning. There is nothing new in Yahushua for all things are even as they have been since the beginning of time. Yahushua is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
  • What is Food?
    There is that which is food and that which is not food. If it creeps on the ground then it must have split hooves and chew its cud to be food. If it swims in the water then it must have both fins and scales to be food. And there are many other such rules but what do they all mean?
  • Why we Keep Torah (What happened to Galatians?)
    There is that which is lawful and that which is lawless. There is that which brings life and that which brings death. There is that which passes away and there is that which is perfect and remains. There is that which is of men which is tradition and that which is of Yahweh and is Love. Yahweh grant us wisdom to know the difference.
  • Why we learn the Qedosh Tongue
    There is no greater strength that a man has but that which he speaks. The tongue is described by James as having the power of fire to burn down an entire forest. The tongue is described by Solomon as having the power of life and death. Yet we think little about the very medium with which we speak. Our parents give us our language from our youth but do we think about what it means or where it came from. There is a Qedosh tongue for a Qedosh Nation and we are Israel if so be that we are adopted by Yahushua.
  • What's in a Name?
    A massive cover up throughout time has led to mankind to forget the Name of their very own Creator. This is very unusual because it is widely established the power of a name. When a parent desires obedience he will bring out the full name of a child. When a woman marries she takes the name of her husband. In court the strength of a signature weighs heavily and a power of attorney grants power to act in some one else name. There is perhaps nothing more powerful and personal than a name. And how good it is to speak the Name of our Friend Yahushua and His Father Yahweh.
  • Why we Baptize
  • What is it about His Blood?

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